Harris County and Surrounding Areas Estate Cleanouts

Cleaning up an entire house? Preparing for an estate sale? For the professional help you need with the heavy lifting, contact Performance Junk Removal. We’ve got the estate cleanout services that you’ve been looking for.


Think about all the things people keep in their homes. From knickknacks to essential household fixtures, folks all around enjoy filling their residences with all sorts of stuff! However, when a house goes empty, someone has to clean up the mess. In many cases, it’s Performance Junk Removal that takes up this responsibility. We provide estate cleanout services to Spring, TX and many nearby areas!

Why Us for Estate Cleanout Services

There are so many estate cleanout companies out there, but there’s only one Performance Junk Removal. When compared to the rest, we stand out because we are a locally owned and operated junk removal business. We were founded in your community so we could help our neighbors get rid of unwanted junk. There’s nothing we like more than keeping our neighborhoods clean, and we’d love to help clean out estates as well.

By choosing our professional services, you’ll save lots of time that you otherwise would’ve spent on the do-it-yourself process. You’ll get to avoid a lot of manual labor in the process, too. Of course, keep in mind that we are a fully insured junk removal business. We have plenty of experience, so we’ll exercise caution and avoid any accidents or damages. The long story short is that you don’t need to fret over any liability because we are completely covered!

We’ve got more good news—our estate cleanout services are available as soon as today or tomorrow. Want a same-day appointment? Or would you rather see us later in the week? Either way, give us a shout by contacting us online or calling us at 281-713-0078. We would love to hear from you!

Our Estate Cleanout Process

  1. If you’ve got an estate that has to be cleaned out, it’s likely that your schedule is packed already. We’ll respect your time and make sure we are not even a minute late.
  2. Upon our arrival, we’ll greet you and ask to see all the estate junk. Let us take a look, then approve our upfront quote. That way, we can begin removing the clutter.
  3. Our professional junk haulers don’t drag their feet. Instead, they stay focused on the work so the estate can become clean as soon as possible.
  4. Finally, we’ll make sure we didn’t miss any junk. If you’re satisfied with our work, we’ll accept your payment and leave you to it.

Pricing for Estate Cleanout Services

The cost of estate cleanout services shouldn’t have to be some ridiculous, sky-high figure. At Performance Junk Removal, we believe part of being the best junk removal company is having fair, affordable prices. This is why our prices are volume-based. With this system, you pay us an amount that correlates with how much truck space your junk used up.

Additionally, there are other ways we save you money. Did you know that since we are locally owned, we cost less to operate than a franchise? What’s more, we also don’t add hidden fees to our customers’ bills. All in all, this makes us a better choice for those who are frugal and searching for savings.

Estate Furniture Removal

Removing furniture from an estate is tough work. Fortunately, no one is going to force you to do this work on your own. Why not let the experts at Performance Junk Removal carry it away for you? Not only are we strong, experienced haulers, but we also have helpful equipment, such as dollies and straps, to assist with the removal of really heavy furniture items. From entertainment centers and wardrobes to sofas and beds, it’s a sure bet that no matter what old furniture the estate holds, we can take it!

You may be wondering what happens to all the old furniture we collect. After all, if it’s still in usable condition, it would be a crying shame to dump it all at a landfill. The truth is that any items in fair condition will be donated whenever we can help it. Think about all the bargain hunters who frequent local thrift shops for affordable furniture. It’s companies like us that supply that used furniture, and we’re happy to do it. It’s more eco-friendly than going to the landfill anyway!

About Performance Junk Removal

Estate clean up services and other junk removal services can sometimes be too much for one person to handle. Performance Junk Removal recognizes this, and that’s why we provide our help to Montgomery and Harris Counties’ residents, businesses, and property managers! For us, our business is about more than just making money. It’s also an opportunity to get in touch with our community, help our neighbors, and most importantly, keep our homes clean and clutter-free.

Estate Cleanout Items We Take

Old Decorations
Exercise Equipment
Bagged Trash
Cardboard Boxes
Plastic Bins


Couldn’t be happier! Professional fast service at an amazing price. I needed something removed from my Moms house across the state and they coordinated with me and arrived and did the work without a problem. Thank you
Mondo Diaz
14:17 06 Sep 23
I was in a crunch yesterday and gave Performance Junk Removal a call to see if they could remove my disgusting refrigerator that I didn’t know that Home Depot couldn’t pickup, nor did I know that Performance Junk Removal shouldn’t pickup either, but they went above and beyond, not only did they pick it up, but they cleaned it out, and even popped my floor. I paid them extra because I didn’t want to take advantage of their kindness. I was so grateful to them! I recommend them if you need junk removed. They were super nice and super easy to work with! Jamie Spring, TX
Jamie Fielden
19:10 12 Jul 23
A great company to do business with, always on time, and goes above and beyond to make sure your happy with thier service. They are my go to team to get any trash or junk hauled of.Thank you guys!
Ed Hirsch
13:51 12 Jul 23
Had a wonderful experience with Performance Junk Removal!! They were professional, courteous, very fairly priced and easy to work with. They worked with me through quite a few schedule changes, and they were always available at the time I asked for.
Tracey Lodge
21:02 08 Jun 23
Very good experience with Performance Junk Removal. Jacob and crew arrived on time and removed everything I needed taken away. Took them maybe an hour to load the truck- they expertly arranged several mattresses and bulky items to make the most of the truck space available. It was full when they departed. Would use Performance again!
Jonathan Hanson
00:47 07 Jan 23
John and his team of guys at Performance Junk Removal have always exceeded my expectations and go above and beyond to make sure I am happy with their service. I love their punctuality and attention to detail when helping me clean out rental properties after tenant move outs and remodels. When you want it done right without the hassle give this veteran owned company a call and lets help support our local small business owners! Thank you guys for all of your hard work!
Nicolas A
13:45 15 Dec 22
Great company. They are willing to meet every need. If you need it hauled away these guys can do it. Very polite respectful men that are hard working and they don't leave anything behind very clean up. Thanks john
CeCe Sloan
20:41 14 Dec 22