Junk Removal in Pasadena, TX

Leave the heavy lifting to your neighborhood pros at Performance Junk Removal.


Here at Performance Junk Removal, we believe the future is worth the effort we put in, and that’s exactly why we work so hard when a local needs our junk removal help.

By contacting us and scheduling our junk removal in Pasadena, TX, your future will be a clean and clutter-free one.

This means that your Pasadena home, business, or rental property will be nice, tidy, and relaxing. Ready to get rid of clutter so you can move into the future with confidence? Then contact us today, and we can get started together.


The junk removal crew at Performance Junk Removal is nothing short of professional. We’re a well-dressed team with a big truck, and we can fill that truck with almost any kind of junk you can imagine. Electronics? Check. Clothes and toys? Check. Bagged trash and recyclables? Yep, we can take that, too. You can even count on us for bulky item pickup (i.e. furniture, appliances, exercise equipment, and more). Skip Pasadena’s needlessly strict bulky item regulations—we can collect your large items six days a week without any problems!

This all sounds nice, but is it “too good to be true”? Our junk removal in Pasadena, TX is a reality, and what’s more, we offer really nice prices to boot. Here’s how it works. At the beginning of your appointment, we’ll check out all the junk you need us to take. Then, we’ll provide you with a fair, volume-based price. There are no hidden surcharges when you choose Performance Junk Removal!


  1. Keep your ringer on—we’re going to call you when we’re on our way! That way, we won’t sneak up on you. Once you see our truck outside, come out and say hello.
  2. Give us a quick tour of all the unwanted items you’d like us to take. After you approve our upfront quote, we will begin moving junk to our truck.
  3. Watch as your Pasadena, TX property starts becoming clean before your very eyes. Our team works quickly to save you as much time as possible.
  4. Before we go, we’ll need to accept your payment. Remember, we never add hidden fees to your final bill, so you don’t need to worry about pricing surprises.


Performance Junk Removal is more than your local junk hauling business. We’re also your eco-friendly waste management solution. We’re of the belief that waste doesn’t belong in a landfill unless there is absolutely no alternative. We act in accordance with this statement, and that’s exactly why we recycle so much of what we collect.

In addition to this, we also donate your gently used belongings to nearby charities and thrift stores. The end result is a net positive for not just the environment, but the community at large. Who could say no to that?


Couldn’t be happier! Professional fast service at an amazing price. I needed something removed from my Moms house across the state and they coordinated with me and arrived and did the work without a problem. Thank you
Mondo Diaz
14:17 06 Sep 23
I was in a crunch yesterday and gave Performance Junk Removal a call to see if they could remove my disgusting refrigerator that I didn’t know that Home Depot couldn’t pickup, nor did I know that Performance Junk Removal shouldn’t pickup either, but they went above and beyond, not only did they pick it up, but they cleaned it out, and even popped my floor. I paid them extra because I didn’t want to take advantage of their kindness. I was so grateful to them! I recommend them if you need junk removed. They were super nice and super easy to work with! Jamie Spring, TX
Jamie Fielden
19:10 12 Jul 23
A great company to do business with, always on time, and goes above and beyond to make sure your happy with thier service. They are my go to team to get any trash or junk hauled of.Thank you guys!
Ed Hirsch
13:51 12 Jul 23
Had a wonderful experience with Performance Junk Removal!! They were professional, courteous, very fairly priced and easy to work with. They worked with me through quite a few schedule changes, and they were always available at the time I asked for.
Tracey Lodge
21:02 08 Jun 23
Very good experience with Performance Junk Removal. Jacob and crew arrived on time and removed everything I needed taken away. Took them maybe an hour to load the truck- they expertly arranged several mattresses and bulky items to make the most of the truck space available. It was full when they departed. Would use Performance again!
Jonathan Hanson
00:47 07 Jan 23
John and his team of guys at Performance Junk Removal have always exceeded my expectations and go above and beyond to make sure I am happy with their service. I love their punctuality and attention to detail when helping me clean out rental properties after tenant move outs and remodels. When you want it done right without the hassle give this veteran owned company a call and lets help support our local small business owners! Thank you guys for all of your hard work!
Nicolas A
13:45 15 Dec 22
Great company. They are willing to meet every need. If you need it hauled away these guys can do it. Very polite respectful men that are hard working and they don't leave anything behind very clean up. Thanks john
CeCe Sloan
20:41 14 Dec 22