Junk Removal Services in Montgomery, TX

We haul away junk in Montgomery, TX so you don’t have to! Whether your junk is at your house, a business, or another one of your properties, you can count on us to haul it away.


They say that everything is bigger in Texas, and while that’s sometimes a good thing, other times, it can be a nuisance. Take, for example, when you’ve got a pile of junk at your Montgomery, TX property. And not just any pile of junk, either. A Texas-sized pile. What will you do in this situation? Spend a few days dealing with the DIY junk removal process? Why bother when you can get fast and affordable junk removal services in Montgomery, TX from your friends at Performance Junk Removal instead?

Why Our Montgomery Services?

We haul junk so you don’t have to, but how bad is it to haul junk on your own, anyway? That depends on whether you’ve made the correct preparations or not. Is your body used to hauling around heavy junk? Do you have a vehicle that you can use to take junk to a disposal site with? Do you even know where the disposal sites are? If you answered “no” to any of these questions, then it might be best to let our experts do the work for you. That way, you can just watch television while we make the junk disappear for you.

Look, we’re sure you’d like to do something else with your free time, so let us handle the junk hauling for you. By putting us in charge of your junk removal project, you won’t have anything to worry about. Why? Because our team is comprised of an all-professional crew that provides any service you can think of!

Trust Us to Haul Your Junk in Montgomery

Our junk removal services in Montgomery, TX are a great choice for anyone in the city. Homeowners can take comfort in knowing that we’ll gladly haul away their unwanted furniture, clothes, toys, and decorations for them. Similarly, business owners can trust us to clean up their old cubicles, computers, and office supplies. Whatever you’ve got, we’ll take it! Additionally, we’ll do it for a cheap junk removal cost as well. You’ll receive a volume-based quote at the beginning of your appointment, letting you know what you’ll owe us from the get-go!

Another fantastic aspect of our hauling services in Montgomery, TX is that they’re eco-friendly. As it turns out, we don’t just drop off all your junk at the landfill. Instead, we sort through it, searching for anything that we can recycle. What’s more, if we identify any items that are still in good condition, we’ll donate them to one of our many local thrift stores. That way, someone new can improve their life with something you were prepared to toss out!

The Montgomery Junk Removal Process
  1. When we’re in our truck, driving towards your location, we will give you a complimentary courtesy call. That way, you’ll know that we will be there soon.
  2. Please let us know about all the junk that needs to go in order to receive an upfront quote. What you pay is based on how much we haul away.
  3. With your approval of our quote, we’ll start removing all your junk! Watch in amazement as we quickly load it onto our truck.
  4. Finally, we will accept your payment. There will never be hidden fees added to your final bill, so don’t worry about anything like that!

Light Demolition Services in Montgomery, TX

Attention, Montgomery! If you have an unwanted small structure that you’d like to be demolished, then you’re in luck. Performance Junk Removal is a light demolition company as well as a junk removal company, and we have lots of experience with demolition work, including fence removal, deck removal, and more. We are fully insured, too, so you will never risk liability when we’re on the job site. Expect us to work safely and quickly to remove your unwanted structure. Once the demolition work is complete, we’ll collect the debris and load it onto our truck as well. We do all the work with big smiles on our faces!

About Us

Junk removal services in Montgomery, TX and other locations are handled best by the team at Performance Junk Removal. We are a five-star-rated business for a reason, so choose us when you want a higher standard of service. We work fast, provide low prices, and always treat you with the courtesy you deserve. Getting rid of junk isn’t just easy with us—it’s enjoyable. So don’t wait to get started with us. Contact us today, and you can even claim a same-day or next-day appointment window. That way, you can ditch that junk sooner rather than later.

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I needed my back deck cleaned off. I called and spoke with John. I told him want needed to be done and sent pictures also. He sent me a quote and came out the same day. No Hassel, easy to talk to, quick and a job well done.

Diane Rowell

Quick, professional, and quality service! John and Jacob loaded the junk quickly. John was quick to respond to emails and we had great communication. I will absolutely use them again and be suggesting them to everyone I know!

Keaton Reeder

I found Performance Junk Removal from a community Facebook page. They came highly recommended and received numerous compliments on their responsiveness and professionalism.

Marnie Ybanez

I needed Junk Hauling for my rental home and called John. John and team came promptly the same day and took care of the hauling needs and was constantly communicating with me through text messages.

Satish Masina
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